English Division

Chair and Department of Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases)
the Medical University of Warsaw.


Address: SP CSK
02-097 Warsaw, Banacha str.1a
Tel. (22) 658 36 48, (22) 823 64 11,
Fax (0-22) 658 03 13,
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Head: Prof. Kazimierz Niemczyk MD, PhD, tel. as above

Curricular affairs: dr n.med. Marta Held-Ziółkowska

Number of teaching hours:
The course covers 60 hours of instruction, divided as below:

  • lectures – no lectures
  • seminares – 15 hrs
  • practical classes – 45 hrs

Assessment of student performance:
On completion of the course student is expected to take an oral exam to get a credit from the doctor in charge of him/her and then final test (35 questions). 21 correct answers are necessary to pass the test.

The aim of the course:

  • to train the students in diagnosis and management of common ear, nose
    and throat diseases and disorders for which the patients in his community
    are seeking care,
  • the students have to learn to communicate with patients effectively,
  • they must know how to educate patients about their health and how to work
    cooperatively with other health care professionals.

Topics of the seminares and basic ENT problems which will be discussed with students during the course:

  1. Tonsils adenoids - Indication for surgery,
  2. Nasal obstruction,
  3. Sinusitis, Treatment - conventional and surgery,
  4. Allergy in ENT region,
  5. Earache: otitis externa and media,
  6. Different types of hearing disorders: treatment - conventional and surgery,
  7. Differential diagnosis and management of balance disorders,
  8. Foreign bodies in the upper and lower respiratory and digestive tract,
  9. Obstraction of the upper respiratory tract,
  10. Carcinoma of the larynx,
  11. Epistaxis,
  12. Tumours of the nasopharynx, salivary glands and maxilloethmoidal region.
  13. Intracranial complication of the upper lip, nose, ear and sinus infections,
  14. Facial nerve disorders,
  15. Diagnosis and management of the patients with fracture of the ENT region,
  16. Selected problems of ear, nose and throat diseases in pediatric patients,

Topics of practical classes:

  • teaching the students ENT examination and using a special ENT equipment,
  • introduction of the patients with ENT problems and emergency cases,
  • assisting ENT surgery,
  • participation at the hospital emergency duties,
  • interpretation of ENT diagnostic tests,
  • interpretation of x-ray, CT and MRI scans,
  • emphasized is laid on ENT conditions that are importent either because they
    are common or they need urgent invesigations and treatment.

Basic textbooks:

  1. "ENT Secrets", Editors: Bruce W. Jafek, Bruce W. Murrow, Hanley and Belfus, ING/Philadelphia 2001
  2. "Essentials of Otolaryngology", Editors: Frank K. Lucente, Gady Hup-Eli, Lippincott Williams/Wilkins 2002

Complementary textbooks:

  1. "Ear, Nose and Throat", R. S. Dhilon, C. A. East, Ed. Churchill Livinstone 1997,

Nasal obstruction