KBN Grant  No N 518 0734 33 (2007-2011)

Project Manager – prof.  Kazimierz Niemczyk

"Analysis of acoustic conductivity during ossicular chain reconstruction"

Team :

  • Krzysztof Morawski, MD, PhD
  • Robert Bartoszewicz MD, PhD
  • Jacek Sokolowski MD

Chronic otitis media is a condition in which the treatment of choice is surgery. The aim of the operation (tympanoplasty), among others, is liquidation of hearing impairment by restoring adequate acoustic conditions in the middle ear. So far, no established method to measure the intraoperative effectiveness of reconstruction of the ossicular chain (ossiculoplasty) was presented, making it difficult to preeliminary verify the results of treatment and possible modification of the treatment.

The aim of the project was to develop methods for intraoperative testing of efficacy of ossiculoplasty surgery in patients undergoing tympanoplasty with the Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV).

The essence of the project is to allow, based on the results of LDV, intraoperative modification of ossiculoplasty in order to restore the optimal acoustic conductivity of the middle ear.

The work was divided into two parts. In the experimental part measurements were made on freshly-frozen temporal bones in the Temporal Bone Laboratory at the Department of Otolaryngology using Laser Doppler Vibrometer. The clinical study was carried out in the Operating Theater. Depending on the results of intraoperative testing using LDV appropriate correction of reconstructed ossicular chain was performed.

The final result of the project is propose of standard diagnostic evaluation of ossicular chain mobility and method of intraoperative correction of ossiculoplasty using LDV technique.